Bethel Mission School Building and all its facilities are in accordance with the guidelines of the CBSE, which consist of spacious and well ventlated school building, Laboratories, Adminstration Block and first aid facilities and healthcare with Nurse on 24 Hour Call.

Sufficient facilities have been created for Library, Biology-Laboratory, Physics-Laboratory, Chemistry-Laboratory, Outdoor and Indoor Games Facilities, Water Supply, and Electricity. Medium of Instruction is English. However there is an emphasis on Hindi and Sanskrit as well.

The School also consists of a State-Of-Art Hostel for boys and girls with all modern facilities.

COMPUTER EDUCATION. Though India has become one of the major key players in the use of communication technology in the world, many of the schools in India lack even the basic computer education.

Bethel Mission has provided a State-Of-Art Computer Lab where students not only learn how to use the computer but how to use the same to enhance their knowledge in information technology through the use of the state of art Computer-Laboratory infrastructure at Bethel Mission under the supervision of well experienced teachers.

“Everybody knows the importance of labs in science teaching. But learning science has been reduced to mugging up things.

More than three quarters of schools in the country do not have fully equipped science laboratories for students.In fact the lack of science facilities would be forcing students to give up science.

Bethel Mission has the Best State-of-Art Science labs in Godda, which provide the best facilities for science students.

The word ‘library’ is rich in tradition, meaning, and usage. The definitions of ‘school library’ given by various library scientists and associations reflect this heritage. Throughout the world the Library of a school is considered as part and parcel of the academic set-up. It is created and maintained to serve and support the educational activities of the school.

Bethel Mission has a well stocked library with sufficient number of books, periodicals, newspapers, and magazines and is a hub of activities which help students to cultivate the reading habit and to enhance their knowledge and information.

When presented with the many and manifest benefits of music education, schools at all levels should universally support a full, balanced, sequential course of music instruction taught by qualified teachers. And every student will have an education in the arts.Perhaps the basic reason that every child must have an education in music is that music is a part of the fabric of our society. The intrinsic value of music for each individual is widely recognized in the many cultures that make up our society.

The school boasts of a full music department and provides training in all instruments like guitar, keyboards, Drums, and even Tabla, Cong drums. The students are free to take up any instrument of their choice. The Music class is a compulsory factor for all the student from class I upwards. These are practiced as extra curricular activities and gives student some form of relief from their heavy study burden.

With arts provision shrinking in our mainstream schools, more and more parents are looking for quality performing opportunities for their children. There are the obvious benefits of studying dance; reduced obesity, a fun source of exercise, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and helping to maintain a balanced lifestyle. There is clinically significant evidence that children who participate actively in the performing arts spend less time sitting in front of a computer screen playing games and therefore are at less of a risk of developing health problems.

At Bethel Mission Dance form of art plays a very important the role of a students life and students are encouraged to take part in this art. All forms of Dance is taught by full time highly skilled teachers and is part of the curriculum.

The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport. The intra-school competition formats for primary schools are designed as competitive challenges leading to a recognisable competition among the students. The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Increases in self-esteem and mental balance.

Games and sports are an integral part of a student’s life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. But, he should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life. Along with bookish learning, a student should spend time on games and sports. There are many people who give importance only to bookish knowledge. Indeed, there is often no provision for games at all. At Bethel Mission Games and sports is an integral part of the curriculum and all students are encouraged to take part regularly.

School Transport Services at Bethel Mission is established by seasoned transportation professionals to provide strategic solutions to student transportation issues. We at Bethel Mission respond to all critical needs by creating smart solutions to unique situations involved in school bus operations.

Bethel Mission’s Transport service is one of the best services managed by highly skilled professional who monitor the students transport to the school.

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