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Bethel Mission School is a private minority English Medium School established in the year 2000 by Dr.Pranesh Solomon for the education of boys and girls upto High School.The school was later registered under the trust International Peace Foundation, a non profit organisation.It is open to all without distinction of caste or creed. The purpose of this institution is to impart to its pupils a sound, moral, intellectual, and physical education, to train them to be useful and loyal citizens of India, and to help them to become the agents of needed social changes in the country.

The name BETHEL is taken from the Holy religious book the “BIBLE” meaning “HOUSE OF GOD” BETHEL MISSION SCHOOL is a co-educational and non-denominational institution claimed to be unique of its kind.

Realizing that the Education is an all round development of the pupil – “an awakening of the soul and an unfolding of human potential” the institution constantly endeavours to direct to this end all curricular studies and Co – curricular activities with special emphasis on personality development through discipline, truth and excellence.

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Mrs. Anna Marc, Principal

Train up the child in the way he should go… Prov 22:6

Welcome to the website of Bethel Mission School, Godda, Jharkhand. “Wisdom is Life” is the motto of our school and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Our vision is to produce God fearing, conscientious, smart and confident citizens of India, who will go out into the world and make us proud. We seek to provide an environment which enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of the pupil. Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundation of this school.

Our mission is to give our students the best opportunities and the best all- round education. We aspire to empower all students to succeed in their world by offering a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities, sports programs, performing arts programs along with various clubs and life skill based activities.

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Pranesh Solomon, Secretary

Train up the child in the way he should go… Prov 22:6

It gives me great pleasure to inaugurate the school website www.bethelmissiongodda.com to give the parents and gaurdians a platform for communicating with the school. The contact page is available for comments and suggestions.

The present beckons us to look with new eyes and to adopt new ways in keeping with the demands of change and progress and we must remain relevant to our times. This site shall bring to you all the current information about the various activities going on in the school including the progress of your child on a regular basis to keep you updated.

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School Activities

The School firmly believes that textual studies are only but a part of the full development of a child and therefore provides a spectrum of in house activities through many of its program. The main thrust of activities at the School are visualized to promote the development of a balanced and harmonious personality of the students including physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual aspects.

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